April 2017 Goals

Let’s review March goals to see how I did:

Completed goals:

  • Solidify personnel schedule for OA experiment through March, particularly HgCl injections during NSA conference
  • Formulate plan/timeline for post-OA conditioning, spawning, setting, and rearing Oly’s. Need to do this ASAP!
  • Poster - draft background/methods by 3/10, add data and have full draft by 3/17. Complete by 3/24, then attend conference!
  • Draft & complete article for ComSciCon PNW, then attend
  • Finalize proposal for Proposal Writing Class, study for Invert Zoology etc., also Qsci 482.

Started, but not fully completed:

  • Finish Pecan run! (ETA: Monday, March 6th)
  • Figure out how to use Skyline
  • Run files through Skyline, then figure out what to do next!

Not Started:

  • Research background/context for DNR paper; begin writing.
  • Develop rough draft of Results section for DNR project

April Goals: lots to accomplish this month!

  • NSF:
    • Complete activites report
    • Determine if I should go “on tenure” next year - what are the alternatives?
    • Consider appropriate timeline for applying for GRIP or GROW
    • Follow up with Marilyn about accepting Hyman & FHL funding for the Comparative Embryology course
  • Proteomic project:
    • Meet with Proteomics project collaborators to discuss next steps
    • De-multiplex .raw files
    • Re-run Pecan on more powerful computer to generate full .blib file
    • Perform lit review, focus on geoduck/clams
    • Begin drafting background section
    • Develop rough draft of Geoduck Results section for DNR project
  • Oly OA project:
    • Sample Oly’s post-OA on April 8th - also hold the Ladies of the Lab night out
    • Clean OA system
    • Condition Oly’s, raising temperature 1degC/day to 18deg, hold there there until 4 days before PSRF needs to reduce to 14deg, then decrease 1degC/day to 14.
    • Inventory existing spawning & rearing materials to determine what’s left to make/buy. Need: insulated 5 gal bucket, 2 gal bucket, mini banjos, air stones, blue lines, drippers (what rate?)
    • Figure out how/where to tap into heated line; can we tap in after the filtration system for PSRF’s conicals?
    • Send 4/8 histology casettes off for processing
    • Image histology slides
    • Process histology slide images with … ImageJ(?)
    • Use histology images to inform tissue sample processing
    • Research best method to use for DNA Methylation analysis; what other analyses should I consider?
    • Finalize spawning/rearing plan
    • Build system! - need to start week of 4/20
    • Augment Methods draft with Dec -> April activities
    • Get all water sampling & feeding data digitized
Written on April 5, 2017