August 2018 goals

  1. Presentation for Au-America program debrief (meeting on Aug. 9th) - complete
  2. NSA Newsletter - recruits corner - complete
  3. NSA Newsletter - Carriker award update - complete
  4. Advise Emily & Micah on how to sample deployed Olys
  5. Submit geoduck paper - final edits after SR’s comments, and cover letter
  6. Get Polydora paper finalized for submission, with cover letter
  7. Write O. angasi conditioning experiment methods
  8. Embed, section and mount O. angasi histology tissues
  9. Plan my attack for bringing samples back to USA: Mail or checked luggage?
  10. PCSGA talk
  11. Headway on 2018 Oly paper results (Kaitlyn doing lots of leg work)
  12. Headway on 2017 Oly paper results (Decisions need to be made, incorporate eelgrass deployment data?)
  13. Presentation for Gencology group at Univ. Sunshine Coast (date TBD)
Written on August 1, 2018