February 2019 Goals

Accomplishments last month:

  • Submitted geoduck proteomics data to PRIDE
  • Published skyline project files on panoramapublic
  • Submitted geoduck eelgrass revision
  • Received feedback on polydora paper from Teri King
  • Oly 2017 paper:
    • Began draft introduction
    • Finished draft discussion, methods and results …
      • Received feedack from Steven, re-assessed data to include, changed paper’s angle, plots
  • Submitted travel grants for NSA conference
  • Agreed to WA Sea Grant symposium, but it was postponed due to gov’t shutdown. Will likely participate next fall.

Things to do, this short month

  • Oly 2017 paper:
    • Final edit of methods, results rewrite
    • Finish disucssion rewrite
    • Finalize plots
    • Finish Introduction
    • Draft abstract
  • NSA presentation, on Oly 2017 OA / QuantSeq project
    • Need full 12 minute presentation
    • Need 3.5 minute, abbreviated proposal, maximum of 5 slides for student spotlight session
  • Bipass proposal … getting antsy
    • Incorporate final geoduck paper
    • Draft list of proposal options with details
    • schedule deadline
Written on February 5, 2019