Goals in the New Year

January 2017 Goals

Review of last month:

  • Completed the Bioinformatics class project; check out my repo here: Bioinformatics project results
  • Spent a full week in the lab with Yaamini, getting the DNR geoduck samples prepped for protein analysis on Mass Spec.
  • Successfully completed my first quarter as a grad student
  • Steven helped to get O. lurida animals in the water at Manchester with 2 temperature treatments.

January Goals:

  • Geoduck DNR:
    • Prepare histogram of m/z for geoduck proteins (from previous samples) to identify appropriate window of peptide m/z
    • Need to order piptide standards(?) for mass spec time? Confirm with Emma.
    • Run DNR geoduck samples through Mass Spec (scheduled January 17-25)
    • Prepare a plan of attack to analyze geoduck proteomics data
  • Oly temp/OA project @ Manchester
    • Take a trip to Manchester to catalogue the animals
    • Sample at the end of the temperature treatment(?) - depending on # of animals
    • Start recording project metadata and other important data (e.g. collect temp data when possible, algae diet, interesting events, etc.)
  • Prep for Pub-a-thon 2017:
    • What do I write about?
    • Play with platforms that are up for consideration.
  • Read papers!
    • Consider migrating paper organization from Evernote to Paperpile, Zotero, or Mendeley
  • Re-examine my SAFS plan
    • When should I shoot to have my committee assembled? Who?
    • Should the proposal writing class OR the pub-a-thon be leveraged to help prepare my thesis project plan?
  • Apply for things:
    • Friday Harbor summer term course @ associated scholarships
    • UW/SAFS travel grants for Knoxville
    • What else? …
Written on January 3, 2017