July Goals

Happy July! file_000 5

Goals for the month:

  • “Sync” online lab notebook with hard copy lab notebook from the last week, and be more diligent about updating daily
  • ID final list of proteins for next round on Mass Spec
  • Complete final steps geoduck protein samples: speed vac, desalt, add standards
  • Execute next round of MS/MS
  • Dig into lit review for geoduck project
  • Use ImageJ to measure size for SN larval growth experiment
  • Revisit my draft O. lurida paper to update, particularly the methods
  • Begin to analyze O. lurida spawning data - are there significant differences between: populations? treatments?
  • Complete the larval stage of my experiment! Anticipated completion July 17th
  • Keep juvenile oysters alive :)
  • Visit Big Beef Creek to assess location/gear needed for shellfish farm
  • ID potential hosts for the GROW program, research their current projects, and brainstorm project ideas
  • Nail down the dive class schedule with Will & Lindsay
Written on July 4, 2017