May 18th 2017

Arrived @ 9:30am

  • lab meeting
    • can steal 2 HOBOs from gigas, leave 1
    • Brent suggested that it will take ~24 hrs of dual-bucket system to successfully collect only live larvae. This is a good idea, however I don’t expect there to be sufficient room - but maybe, if larval collections are staggered… ?
    • NEED TO: purchase more 5-gal buckets!
  • Imaged larvae collected on 5/17, and also imaged larvae collected and saved over past week.
    • Images include triplicate samples from each collection/group (see larval collection data sheet): 1x, 2x, 3x of each on Nikon SMZ645
    • Will save to GoogleDrive, then to GitHub
  • Checked catchment buckets
    • SN-10 amb B: little bit
    • NF-10 amb B: teensy amount
    • SN-10 low B: a bit
    • SN-6 amb B: little bit
    • K-10 low: some!
    • HL-10 low: maybe, probably just spermy though
    • All except HL-10 have spawned within the past 4 days, and since there is no significant amount of larvae here I will not keep them- I have a suspicion that these are from the same fertilization event, and they are trickling out of the female. Will collect for real tomorrow…
  • Stole 2 HOBOs from gigas (left 1 there); downloaded the data from the HOBOs and emailed to Yaamini, then reprogrammed and launched to record T every 15 minutes, installed in broodstock buckets.
  • Counted larvae collected on 5/17 & imaged larvae for size analysis later
  • PSRF has agreed to collect/sample my larvae tomorrow (Friday, 5/19) while I’m on campus. I pre-labeled larval rearing buckets, got water flowing, and left instructions with Jade & Alice.
  • Met with Alice to get a summary of her larval husbandry practices. PSRF hasn’t updated theirs in a couple years, and there are many lessons learned. See write-up in my GitHub (I will update as needed).
  • Screened and counted larvae, imaged. Larvae went down drain today.
  • Temperature is holding around 17.5


Written on May 18, 2017