Manchester, 6/19

Screening day and more! Things went very smoothly today. Grace, Olivia and I make a good team.

Arrival inspection:

  • Banjos very dirt, a few pseudo-clogged. Due to heavy use of Tet algae.
  • HL-10 Ambient, which spawned, banjo overflowing but luckily lots was caught in an empty trio pour that was sitting adjacent to the catchment bucket

Screened larvae (Olivia, Grace, and me).

  • Mortality ranged dramatically between groups. Very high mortality in the following groups: - SN-6 Low 180um - lots of ciliates present - SN-10 Low 224um, 180um - lots of ciliates present - NF-10 Low 224um, 180um

image image

Collected new larvae, counted, stocked, and sampled. Grace did the majority of this process today.


Cleaned gigas (Olivia)

  • Drained all three tanks, cleaned with vortex- LOTS of stringy stuff in the top tank w/o animals. I now am certain that the mucus is a result of the Reed’s paste, and not coming from the animals: file_009

  • Rinsed gigas, checked for morts - there were none.
  • Refilled tanks, then turned off flow and allowed header temp to increase.
  • Grace adjusted flow for 1.2 L/Min on each side.
  • Increased set point temp to 21degC.
  • Fed with 490mL Reed’s paste
  • Installed new pump (had been using small PSRF pump).

Cleaned Broodstock (Olivia):

  • First, recorded broodstock location on manifold
  • [image here]
  • Dumped all broodstock & larval catchment buckets, rinsed oysters, cleaned buckets with vortex.

Larval experiment water change:

Katherine recommends having 5 replicates. image

I heeded her advice, and thus split my 3 reps into 5 via the following:

  • Math!:
    • Assuming 800 larvae in each tripour, total # larvae per treatment = 800*3 = 2,400
    • Larvae per rep for 5-reps = 2,400/5 = 480
    • larvae to remove from each tripour = 800-480 = 320. Split these up into 2 new silos = 160 larvae per new silo per triplicate
  • How this was done:
    • Set 2 new silos in FSW. Label with designated treatment group.
    • Working 1 silo at a time, transfer larvae to a tripour, fill to 200mL
      • mL needed per new silo = 800 larvae/200 mL = 4 larvae/mL, 160 larvae / l/mL = 40 mL
      • Plunge 20 times, pour 40mL into 2 falcon tubes. Add the contents into the two silos.
      • Repeat with other 2 triplicates.
      • Result:
        • 2 new silos will have 160*3 larvae = 480
        • Original silos will have 800-(2*160) = 480
  • New setup: file_000 4

  • Changed water.
    • Filled a 5-gal bucket with 18L.
    • Harvested 450mL Tiso, CGW & counted density:


  • Mimicking Katherine’s experiment, I will sample & image larvae on Thursday 6/22 (day 7), then also on 6/29 (day 14)
  • Reminder: I’m working with the 4 treatment groups in the South Sound (SN) population.

current summary data:

image image image image

Downloaded Avtec Data from past 30 days:

Saved in my GitHub Repo. image image

Written on June 19, 2017