Manchester 6/20 & 6/21

Trust but verify, be explicit

Minimum maintenance days, but due to easy to make errors I’ve added 2 very useful mottos to my toolbelt: trust but verify, be explicit


  • Ian connected 100um & 180um buckets to allow 2-days of flow-through
  • I collected new larvae; broodstock have definitely started to slow down, as only one group spawned today: image
  • Changed water on growth experiment:  image

Mid-morning the hatchery lights were turned off for abalone spawn, and we hurried away for an overnight hike. After leaving the hatchery I realized that I had not verified that the connections Ian had made were done correctly, so asked Yaamini to check on my system to make sure nothing was overflowing. She did, and found that NF-10 Ambient larval bucket was overflowing. She turned off the water to let it drain into the 2nd bucket, then turned the water back on.


Arrived at the hatchery mid-afternoon. Unfortunately, the cause of the overflow in NF-10 Ambient was a kinked hose, which Y did not adjust, so the bucket overflowed all night/day until I found it this afternoon :( I should have been explicit in describing what to do if a bucket was overflowing. Because of this I likely lost most of my NF-10 Ambient 100um larvae. Need to compare #’s: stocking on 6/19 to remaining live/dead on 6/22 - see if I can parse out how many I lost.

Additionally, Ian had overlooked one bucket group, SN-6 Ambient, not connecting for the 2 flow system. I did so this afternoon, which will allow less time for the live larvae to flow forward. Damn. Again, I should have verified. New Consideratoin: when trying to determine live/dead %, should remove the # iive larvae found in Morts bucket from stocking equation

Good news is that I was able to get a change of scenery, hiking up to Silver Lake for the night file_000

Written on June 20, 2017