Manchester 6/23

Looked at downwellers for set, fixed growth exp. larvae from yesterday

Viewed setters under scope to assess success rate

Temp of setters outside: 17degC, looking good! Out of interest, I screened through all the silos outside to see if I have any successful setters, and to give them a good cleaning. Here are some qualitative notes of each group. Unless noted, the set were very new and had yet to put down much juvenlile shell:

  • NF10 Ambient: Some set; some larvae; some morts
  • NF6 Low: A few good set; few larvae; few morts
  • SN10 Low: A couple set; very few larvae; loads of morts
  • NF10 Low: Very vew set or larvae; mostly morts
  • SN10 Mix: A ton of set and larvae; some morts. Lots set on side of silo.
  • SN6 Low: A few set; several larvae; several morts
  • NF6 Ambient: A ton of set; some larvae; a few morts. Lots set on side of silo, and some larve set/juveniles visible.
  • K6 Low: A couple set; a few larvae; a few morts. I see 1 older set, but very few larvae total.
  • HL10 Ambient: Lots of set and larvae; some set on side of silo
  • HL10 Low: Lots of set; a few larvae; some set on side of silo
  • K10 Ambient: Some set; some larvae; some morts
  • K6 Ambient: Some set, some larvae, some morts. I see 1 large juvenile
  • K10 Low: A few old set, a couple larvae with feet, some morts

So all in all things look like they are progression. I am worried about the following groups: SN10 Low, NF10 Low, K6 Low. Here are some images of the setters, for reference:

NF6 Ambient: file_000

SN10 Low: very few set, lots of empty shells file_000 1

Water change on growth exp

Harvested from same algae cocktail as yesterday; mixed 520mL cocktail into 18L water.

Fixed larvae from growth exp

I hoped that the larvae would relax enough in the fridge to image today. This was note the case, they were still very active. So, I fixed them in ethanol. This is not the best way to do it; I will modify my methods for next time:

  • Transferred larvae/fsw from well plate into 2mL test tubes
  • Removed supernatant with pipette, being careful not to remove larvae
  • Added 1.5mL 200 proof ethanol to fix

New Larvae

There were some new larvae in SN10 Low A & HL10 Low, but I did not have time to collect today.

Written on June 23, 2017