Manchester 6/28 & 6/29

6/28 Low impact day

  • No new larvae, but NF6 Low A was “spawny”
  • Water change on growth exp image
  • Swapped in clean banjos
  • Imaged plates #1-4 from 6/26

6/29 - high impact day- screened larvae & collected new; sampled growth exp; water change, rinsed downwellers

snip20170707_52 snip20170707_51

New larvae


SN Growth exp. water change

Today the algae was not very dense, so the algae volume added to 18L was substantial (1.7L), so to bring the concentration up to ~100k cells/mL I added 1900 mL of the cocktail. image

Cleaned all downwellers

BTW, Yaamini jumpied in today to help a TON since Olivia was sick, which included rinsing my downwellers with fresh water. Thanks Yaamini!

SN 14-day sampling

I sampled larvae from the growth experiment again today, as it’s day 14. Ran into some high mortality in a few silos, and as I would like to keep the experiment going through metamorphosis I decided to only sample 30 from each silo (except for one, which had very hig mortality). A few notes:

  • High mortality in:
    • SN10 Ambient, B
    • SN10 Ambient, C
    • SN6 Ambient, E - only found 4 live. I sampled these for growth, and terminated this silo in the experiment.
  • In the beginning of the sampling I removed all the live larvae from SN10 Ambient B, then tossed the dead. I decided not to do this for all the other silos. Need to remember this when assessing set larvae.
  • SN10 Low: I accidentally put some of rep C into B (~8 or 9 larvae); I thus only stocked 22 larvae in rep C, and there’s ~39 in rep B.
  • I’ve decided to keep this experiment going as long as I still have live animals. So, I sprinkled 224 microculch into each silo, and will continue to change water. However, since I am not down to ~400 larvae in each silo so .5 larvae/mL, and the rule is 1 water change/day for 1 larvae/mL, I can get away with a water change very other day. file_000 file_001

ACH! Not Again!

I did a final check before leaving, and saw some water dripping off the table. There should be no water. Found that the back “hole” crimper had popped open at some point in the past few hours in the HL6 Ambient bucket, losing some larvae, how many I do not know :( I will compare stocking #’s from today with Monday’s, but I did see lots of larvae still present, which is good!

Written on June 28, 2017