Manchester 6/5

Big Screening Day. Had help from Grace, Steven, and Yaamini. Screened all larval buckets through 224 & 180um, and caught the rest on 100um. Larvae that held on 224um screen were moved to the downwelling setting tanks with microcultch at 224um. The SN & NF groups were split into two buckets, 180um and 100um (aka 180um < x <224um, and 100um < X < 180um). I did not split the HL & K groups (limited on materials and space).

Screened through the SN-10 Ambient A group in bucket #2 (I had reserved these yesterday in a 2nd bucket), and added that to the 100um group.

Here’s a snapshot of the data from today: image image

All larvae were sampled into well plates (#1-7) then fixed with Lugols. UPDATE: I imaged these on 6/9. I did not, and will not hence forth, image the empty cells. Un-imaged cells are noted in my physical lab notebook.

Collected new larvae from:

  • SN-6 Ambient B
  • NF-6 Low B
  • NF-6 Low A
  • K-10 Low
Written on June 5, 2017