Manchester, 6/7

The afternoon view: img_9260

Today’s activities

  • Cleaned SN & NF broodstock: soaked outflow tubes in vortex & cleaned, rinsed oyster with fresh water, cleaned buckets with vortex, moved broodstock around. Here’s the configuration before cleaning today: img_0441

  • Added more outflow tubing
  • Chatted with Stuart regarding upwelling location and feeding regime. Here’s the plan: use one upweller tank that is insulated, use an immersion heater to maintain temp, and feed using a gravity-fed Calwell tank.

  • Drained the 180um buckets slightly (by lowering the T connection), and drilled a second hole in the back, and added an o-ring. Joined the 100um and 180um buckets, with the flow moving from 100um -> 180um, and a banjo only in the 180um bucket. Placed air stone in both. Will leave this set-up for 2 days, to allow all live larvae in the 100um to flow forward. I had enough buckets to do this for all groups (SN, NF, HL & K).

This is how I connected the buckets. img_9263

  • Collected new larvae & stocked:
    • HL-6 Low (first time this group has spawned)
    • K-6 Low
    • NF-10 Ambient A

The HL groups are noticeably active and jet black: img_9258

Written on June 7, 2017