Manchester 6-8

Tasks for the day:

  • Upwelling tank:
    • Got water flowing in the upwelling tank outside, cleaned and installed connections, collected and tested hanging silos.
    • Installed immersion heater and monitored over the day
  • Cleaned setting tanks
    • Inspected larvae/culch in a silo by screening through 450 onto 100; viewed under microscope for setters. Did not see any, but larvae were still present.
    • Did not screen/inspect all silos; instead, cleaned all silos, drained and cleaned setting tanks, replaced drippers & air stones.
    • Installed outflow tubing for clean drainage.
  • Build freshwater adapter for manifolds. Need to run freshwater through system ASAP.
  • Collected new larvae:
    • HL-6 Low
    • K-6 Low
    • K-10 Ambient
  • Cleaned all K & HL broodstock fully, here’s the configuration before cleaning:


Written on June 8, 2017