Manchester, 7/5 & 7/6

We are now running like a well oiled machine, employing progessive assembly practices.

Anyone want to check out my spawning data to date?


7/5 low impact day

  • Rinsed all downwellers
  • Fed growth exp image
  • New larvae: image

7/6 High impact day. The dream team did a fantastic job today, finishing tasks in RECORD TIME.

Screened larvae

data TBD (once digitized)

Olivia TCB’d it

  • Vacuumed gigas
  • Rinsed all downwellers, outside and inside, with fresh water
  • Cleaned broodstock, did not re-configure

Flush larval table with fresh water

Hooked up fresh water line to the large, center table that houses the larvae and SN/NF broodstock. Over the course of ~1 hr, I ran fresh water through every valve for ~10 minutes per valve.

Checked out SN & NF setters in the outside tank

It is not feasible to quantify # of live setters at this point, but here is some qualitative info:

  • SN10 Low No visible live at any stage :(
  • SN10 Ambient No visible live at any stage :(
  • Mixed SN10 A couple, but compared to the # stocked (~35K), very, very few
  • SN6 Low A few
  • SN6 Ambient A couple
  • NF6 Low A couple
  • NF6 Ambient Quite a few!
  • NF10 Low A few
  • NF10 Ambient Quite a few!

New larvae

I surreptitiously stocked 200k larvae from the SN10 Ambient group, since that larval bucket was all but empty, and I saw very, very few (possibly no) larvae that had survived through to setting.

Written on July 5, 2017