May 2019 Goals

Accomplished last couple months:

  • O. lurida 2017-2018 project (OA/Temp carryover)
    • Revised O. lurida 2017 manuscript
    • Sent O. lurida 2017 manuscript to co-authors for review
  • O. lurida 2018 project (Temp/Food carryover)
    • Analyzed data
    • Drafted methods and results section
    • Began drafting Discussion
  • Polydora paper
    • Revised based on Brady’s feedback, sent back to Brady
  • Helped/facilitated Alanna with RNA extractions
  • Finished FSH 324 TA-ship/grading
  • Began FSH 310 TA-ship
  • Revised Multivariate Stats class paper for “publication” in EJAMS
  • Odds and ends

Goals / To-Do list:

  • O. lurida 2017-2018 project (OA/Temp carryover)
    - Revise O. lurida 2017-2018 MS co-author feedback
  • O. lurida 2018 project (Temp/Food carryover)
    • Finish Discussion
    • Calculate degree-days until larval release onset for all spawning tanks (if possible).
    • Figure out how to do broodstock survival analysis, then do it
    • Correlate CV for larval shell length/width with # larvae released that day (is CV higher with more larvae?)
    • Write Intro
    • Finalize plots
    • Send to co-authors
  • Bypass:
    • Write and submit bypass!
    • Meet with Krista N. re: NSF GRFP
    • Confirm that I’ll take my final NSF GRFP funding next year, and submit to NSF
  • Oly methylation data:
    • Pull matrices for Katherine
    • Wrap my head around action plan
  • Oly QuantSeq data:
    • Revisit - plan of attack. Do I want to do some juvenile Port Gamble whole-body samples to compare those with high pCO2 parental histories vs. no history, in the location where parental history correlated with survival?
    • Start testing QuantSeq analysis pipeline with Oly genome, Salmon (removing the multiple read/transcript auto-correct), Trinity’s isogroup designation file.
Written on May 2, 2019