Mid-August, 2019 goals & timeline


  • By August 20th, finish prepping RNA samples for QuantSeq library prep. This includes:
    • Re-running qPCR on a subset of samples with the Actin primer set that detects gDNA.
    • Quantifying remaining RNA with Qubit
    • Concentrate dilute samples. Goal is 500 ng in 5 uL.
    • Assess RNA quality via Bioanalyzer on subset of samples.
  • Week of August 19th:
    • Get all materials ready for QuantSeq library prep.
    • Test protocol on 8 samples (“extra” samples).
  • Week of Aug. 26th, if all materials are in lab: begin library prep!


  • Identify and reach out to potential new committee members
  • Read Jackie’s stack of papers, take notes and organize using Evernote
  • Get study lists from Rick & Steven


  • Finish simplifying O. lurida temperature/food methods, results and discussion. Get feedback from Steven.
  • Begin revising, or at least organize thoguhts on, Polydora MS as per discussion with Chelsea & Julieta.


  • Review presentation from Aquaculture 2019 for PCSGA.
  • Measure larvae from 2017 OA/T study, possibly include in PCSGA presentation? Maybe Kaitlyn can help with this. Maybe use Jackie’s fancy computer.
Written on August 13, 2019