Day 36 Activities

Yaamini & I spent the day at the hatchery cleaning and taking water chemistry. Here’s the report.

Arrived at the hatchery; pH looked good according to the Durafets:

pH at arrival

Yaamini took care of water chemistry measurements while I drained, cleaned, and re-situated the oysters. Again, we used Rick’s probe for salinity, as well as recording uS/cm with our salinity probe.

Found some stringy, mucus substance in tanks #2 & #3 (both low pH, at the center and eastern valves):

tank 2

Close-up on mucus:

tank 2 mucus

As usual, after cleaning I moved the tanks around within treatment, which in effect moved the probes to new tanks. Here’s a nice view of the system:

nice vew

Written on March 23, 2017