Two water chemistry sampling days

Popped into Manchester a couple mornings to take water chemistry.

Friday 2/17: Arrived @ Manchester @ 7:45am and did the following, very quickly:

  • Took duplicate bottle samples from each culture and header tank (16 samples total) by uncapping bottle, inverting in tank, filling completely and capping. 1 sample taken from the “front top” and 1 from “bottom back” of culture tanks.
  • Simultaneously, collected 1L samples from each tank using tri-pours. Took everything to dry lab and recorded temperature (C), salinity (ppt?), and pH (mV) using the handheld probes
    • From FISHER): Traceable Digital Thermometers 15-077
    • (From VWR): Bench/Portable Conductivity Meter 23226-505
    • (From VWR DG115-SC): Combination pH Electrode, Glass Body, METTLER TOLEDO 11278-220
  • Poured ~30mL TRIS into 50mL tube, labeled with date; using ice packs from Rick’s -80 freezer measured pH at 5 temperatures, making sure to swirl the TRIS before taking readings.
  • Carried bottle samples to Barry’s lab in Building 1; one-by-one opened bottles at sink and removed top ~1mL using pipette, recapped. Under hood, added 50uL HgCl to each bottle. NOTE: the dispensette did not provide consistent dosing. I’m not certain that all bottles received 50uL. Need to either increase dosing, get a dispensette more appropriate for amount, or use a pipette.
  • Completed all tasks by 8:45am
  • Chemistry data recorded on data sheets; will transfer to GitHub soon!

Sunday 2/19

Prepared 1L Tris for a salinity of 28ppt from the following recipe:

Using a 1L glass bottle, added 300 ml of dH20 to have some liquid to dissolve your salts into. Weighed out the first ingredient, added to the bottle. Mix well by capping and inverting/shaking several times. When dissolved, moved onto the next ingredient and repeated. Followed in order. When everything was dissolved, poured into large graduated cylinder, added dH20 to a final volume of 1L. Poured back into glass bottle.

NaCI: 21.073g
KCl: 0.789g
MgSO4- (H20)7: 7.214g
CaCl2 dihydrate: 1.580g
HCl (5M): 8.016mL (original recipe called for 3.34mL of 37%, 12M) TRIS: 9.684g

Tris Ingredients


Monday 2/20:

  • Started process @ 10:00am
  • Collected bottle samples & 1L samples
  • Recorded T, S & pH of 1L samples - the pH probe took a very long time to stabilize for the first measurement from each treatment. Need to, perhaps, put probe in a bucket of the low pH sample first thing, so it has time to stabilize.
  • Injected bottle samples with ~50uL HgCl (again, not consistent dosing amount).
  • Poured ~30mL of TRIS that was prepared on 2/19, and measured pH of TRIS @ 5 temperatures using ice packs to chill TRIS.
  • Completed process @ ~11:15am
  • Sprayed filters out. The 1um filter will need to be changed on Wednesday. The 20um & 5um likely won’t.
Written on February 21, 2017