First weekly maintenance

Yaamini and I spent the afternoon with our oysters.

Tasks completed:

  • Labeled 16 bottles (2/tank)
  • Took 1L and bottle samples from each tank. Since we are taking duplicate bottle samples per tank, we’ve developed this standard for location where we fill the bottle in the culture tank: A = front bottom, B = back top. The 1L samples were all taken in the front.
  • Measured T, S & pH of 1L samples.
  • Started injecting HgCl to all bottle samples, but Dispensette was not functioning properly- volume of HgCl dispensed was inadequately low, and not consistent. Spent the next ~1hr getting set up with a standard digital pipette. Added 50ul HgCl to all bottles. The bottles that received a small volume during first injection attempt are: T2-B, T2-A, T1-B, H1-B, H2-A
  • Measured standard curve of TRIS at 5 temperatures
  • Cleaned the culture tanks by siphoning feces; plan is to vacuum bi-weekly, and do a full drain/clean bi-weekly
  • Removed all Olys, sprayed with fresh water, and adjusted the bags to all hang at the same height (halfway down in the vertical)
  • Replaced 1um filter, sprayed 5um and 20 um with fresh water
  • Moved pH probes between culture tanks, keeping them within the same treatment group:
    • Durafets: from culture tanks 4 -> 6, and 2 -> 3
    • Unnamed pH probes: from culture tank 6 -> 5, 3 -> 1
  • Bleached the lines between the algae intake and the culture tank inflow; ran bleach water (20mL in 15L of 12.5% bleach) for ~15 minutes, then fresh water for 20 minutes. NOTE: kept seawater flowing during bleaching; flow in culture tanks was stopped during bleaching and cleaning, for a total of ~1hr.
  • Fed each tank 500mL algae (from header tank) after cleaning
Written on February 22, 2017