October goals

Before October 1st:

  • Submit geoduck oa paper to CBPD, special aquaculture issue
  • Also get DIA data onto Panorama (SRM already in)
  • Also submit paper as pre-print to Biorxiv


  • ASAP: Get my hands on QuantSeq RNA data from Katherine, and assembly/annotation pipeline
  • Write results of Oly 2017:
    • Confirm my stats approaches are sound and/or see if I can use 2017 Oly data in multivariate class …
    • Prepare figures
  • Identify options for 2018 Oly deployment sample processing: simple genetic analysis for genetic diversity (microsats)? Microbes? Expression?
  • Meet with Micah, determine sample processing
  • Trip to Manchester for 2018 Oly temp experiment:
    • Count survival in silos
    • Count survival in bags off dock
    • Measure oysters hanging off dock
    • ALSO: survey which oysters I have left from the 2017 experiment
  • O. angasi:
    • For female samples, measure egg size
    • For all questionable sex/stage samples: revisit
    • Develop method/standard for sexing/staging
    • ID what to do with frozen tissues
  • Committee meeting?
    • Can I get a stats specialist added to my committee?
  • Start preparing bypass proposal
  • Submit Polydora paper …
Written on September 27, 2018