Olympia oyster gonad stage pie charts

Gonad histology samples were collected twice last winter during the Oly experiment: after the temperature treatment, and after the OA treatment. Samples were sent to Diagnostic Pathology Medical Group for paraffin embedding and slides. Grace & Katie Davidson (from Walla Walla) imaged the slides, and Katie assigned gonad maturation stage & sex.

Histology slide images:

Katie’s stage/sex data:

Codes used for the gonad status assignment:

  • Sex: M = Male, F = Female, HBS = Hermaphrodite (equal), HPM = Hermaphrodite (predominately male), HPF = Hermaphrodite (predominately female)
  • Stage: 1 = Early, 2 = Advanced, 3 = Ripe

My analysis using Katie’s stage data

I created a .csv data file 2017-Oly-Histo-Results.csv and an R script to generate pie charts of gonad maturation stages. These charts include all sexes. Some observations from the All Populations data:

  • Gonads were already semi-ripe after temperature treatment
  • Fewer Stage 3 (very ripe) gonads in 6 degC group
  • Fewer Stage 3 gonads after the Low pH treatment in the 6degC Group - they either resorbed or spawned)






Written on November 7, 2017