Oly methylation analysis, Nov 20, 2019

Revisiting Oly methylation data. We now have two lists of loci:

  • 1) DMLs between two Olympia oyster populations, Hood Canal and South Sound, which were identified using MethylKit.
  • 2) Loci where methylation status is associated with oyster shell length, filtered by a) loci have 10x coverage in all samples, and b) loci have 10x coverage in any sample.

Today I re-plotted heatmaps using MACAU loci, based on feedback from Steven & Katherine:

  • Only use loci with 10x coverage
  • Add heatmaps where samples are NOT ordered by cluster analysis, but instead by 1) tree from MethylKit, and 2) shell length. See my notebook, 06-analyzing-MACAU-results-rev1.html, and here’s one of the new heatmaps, with samples (columns) ordered by shell length, and a barplot of shell length below (red = Hood Canal oysters, green = South Sound oysters).

Then I used bedtools to see where DMLs and MACAU loci are located, see my notebook here:

Finally, I began annotating loci locations for DMLs and MACAU loci; see my notebook: 08-Annotations.html. Here’s a barplot showing which features overlap with the DMLs: image

Written on November 20, 2019