Cleaning day - rinsing Olys and cleaning OA system

It’s been 1 week since I moved my Oly seed to the dock; today I checked on them to ensure the screen envelopes are still secured and to rinse them with fresh water. Everything was still in place and the screen wasn’t too dirty, so I’ll wait ~10 days to 2 weeks to return. I also tagged the Oly cages 92. NOTE: there are three cages hanging together on 92; my Oly broodstock and some of Yaamini’s gigas are in 2 cages, and my Oly seed are in the other.

OlyTag92 OlyCages92 Seed Packets Seed Packets

I also cleaned up the OA space in the hatchery and distributed the various materials that were sitting back there. Next time I go out I need to clean various tubes that are soaking in bleach, but after that I won’t need to tend that space again until we use it again.


Written on October 12, 2017