O. lurida Climate Stressor project well underway!

We went out to Manchester on 1/25/2017 to check on the Olympia oysters that are already (!) undergoing temperature treatment, to assess the OA system.

Things we did:

  • Rinsed oysters with fresh water & counted
  • Filled header tanks to the brim with fresh water, dosed with 12.5% bleach (~0.5 ml / L)
  • Tested Durafets in the same filtered seawater, to see how they are doing. One (the “green” one) was reading erratically.

Here is a survey of the animals, which have been in 2 temperature treatments since December 6th.

Katherine’s Oysters: (split into 2 bags per treatment)

  • Katherine-SS-F2-2015-Amb: 170 live, 167 live
  • Katherine-SS-F2-2015-8: 168 live, 148 live
  • Grandparents (F0) are wild broodstock collected at [WHERE?] in [WHEN?], then spawned in Port Gamble hatchery.
  • Parents (F1) hatched at Port Gamble, ouplanted for [X months] in [Where?]
  • These (F2) hatched in 2015 and grown 100% in Clam Bay

    Jake’s Oysters: (split into 2 bags per treatment; 0 dead unless noted)

  • Heare2SN2014-Amb: 51 live, 48 live
  • Heare2SN2014-8: 52 live, 50 live
  • Heare2NF2014-Amb: 51 live, 47 live & 1 dead
  • Heare2NF2014-8: 46 live, 53 live
  • Heare2HL2014-Amb: 29 live, 27 live
  • Heare2HL2014-8: 28 live, 27 live

Things to do and decisions to make:

  • Temperature related:
    • Need to slowly increase temperature on chilled oysters before plunging them into ambient. Increase temp 1 degree on Saturday 2/4
  • What temperature to use during OA?
    • Ambient (currently 10), which warms up a couple degrees, likely getting up to 12degC.
  • Ordering needs:
    • Filter cartidges from Harrington Plastics:
      • 1 micron 20” WB-20-1W
      • 5 micron 20” WB-20-5W
      • 20 micron 20” WB-20-20W
    • Reeds algae past - 1 quart shellfish diet
    • Tubing for algae dosing pumps
    • Flow meters, King acrylic
  • Attach water pumps
  • Set up algae dosing pumps
  • Plumb at least one more valve
  • Test the mixing valve; we’ll need to slowly increase temperature in all tanks for spawning, so best to test that now
  • I expect we will not aerate the tanks, as this would likely mess up the chemistry. But, will the animas be okay w/o aeration; will high flow rate suffice?

Proposed OA Maintenance:

OA System Needs, during trial:

  • Clean oysters & tanks 1x/week - LHS/YV
  • Feed daily & clean algae header tank as needed - PSRF
  • Spray down sock filters, every other day-ish - PSRF
  • Replace filters, 1x/week - LHS/YV
  • Keep record of weird occurrences - PSRF & LHS/YV
  • Take water chemistry samples 2x/week - PSRF & LHS/YV (split once a week per)
    • 1L grab samples, measure T, S & pH (mV) with handheld probes
    • Discrete water samples dosed with HgCl, 2 per treatment & culture tank (12 total)
Written on February 3, 2017