Pre-spawn plumbing update

Just a quick update on some plumbing that needs to be done prior to getting my animals in buckets to spawn:

Several parts that I need were out of stock @ Harrington so I ordered them to be delivered to the hatchery- they’ll get there on Tuesday. This sets me back a few days. I’ll go out on Tuesday to do as much as I can, and then will hopefully finish up the gluing on Wednesday after class. At the earliest I’ll have animals in their spawning buckets on Thursday.

I’ve been watching the pH & temp via the updates, and pH is hovering around 7.58, temp between 13.8-14.5. PSRF is lowering their heated line to 14degC on May 1st - since that’s 10 days away (and since my animals are currently at ~14) I think it’s wise to just condition them at 14.

Written on April 21, 2017