Pubathon - 14 Day Goals

I’m in the midst of my first Pub-a-thon, a Roberts Lab competition. Thus far I’ve drafted methods & some background/intro language that I’ve pulled from my Oly proposal. Things have stagnated recently; it’s time to get serious. Here are the 14-day goals:

Geoduck Environmental Proteomics paper

  • Gather some missing info from Micah/Alex (e.g. environmental data)
  • Perform lit review on geoduck/clams, bivalve protein response to various environments
  • Outline geoduck-specific background section

Ostrea lurida epigenetic inheritance paper - mostly a matter of gathering data & analyzing:

  • Mess with temperature data - synthesize into a plot
  • See if I can pull pH data from website, and/or if Doug can find the missing pH data
  • Identify best method for anayzing histology images
  • Research best method to use for DNA Methylation analysis; and what other analyses should I consider?
Written on April 17, 2017