Temperature data from Clam Bay, Mud Bay, Fidalgo Bay

Over the past 2 years I have accumulated temperature data from a few locations in Puget Sound, WA. Using HOBO data loggers, I collectet temperature (& some light intensity data) from Clam Bay, which is where the Manchester research station is located, from Mud Bay, which is near Bremerton and has a very productive Olympia oyster bed, and from Fidalgo Bay, which is near Anacortes and the location of an assemblage of Olys that are uniquely large.

The following screenshots from the HOBOware plots are saved in this GitHub repo’s /images folder, and HOBO/.csv files are ine data/ folder.

Clam Bay Data, various dates Aug. 2017 - Sept. 2019

Data Files: Clam-Bay-Temperatures

Loggers held alongside Olympia oysters hanging off dock ~1-3 meters below surface (“dock”), and inside a tumble bag attached to the racks installed on the beach (accessible below -1’). Clam bay is located at the NOAA Manchester Research Station




Fidalgo Bay Temperature, Winter 2017-2018

Data Files: Fidalgo-Bay-Temperatures

Deployed attached to a sunken raft at (48°28’41.7”N 122°34’26.6”W) aka (48.478238, -122.574057)


Mud Bay, Winter 2017-2018

Data Files: Mud-Bay-Temperatures

Deployed at 3 locations in Mud Bay, Dyes Inlet, approximately here: (47°35’22.9”N 122°40’22.2”W) aka (47.589681, -122.672831). Exact deployment coordinates for the 3 probes are here: 2017-11-06_Mud Bay-Temp-Logger-Locations.kml





Written on September 13, 2019