Avtech online!

Thanks to Steven & Doug for getting the Avtech probes online so we can 1) keep an eye on temp and pH remotely, and 2) download data!

Interested in what’s happening out here? Check out the Avtech Live Feed. There are lots of probes showing up on this site, but focus on the ones labeled “Temp #” and “Durafet #”.

We renamed probes; here are new and old names:

New Probe Name Old Probe Name
Temp 1 not previously recorded
Temp 2 not previously recorded
Temp-w 3 Gigas Temp (FNA Header 1)
Temp-w 4 not previously recorded
Durafet 1 Oly pH (FNA pH-Exp-Cont)
Durafet 2 Header Treatment
Durafet 3 Header Control

Note: Temp-w 3 will remain in the header tank until further notice. Other probes will likely be moved around a bit.

Some example reports:



Written on May 3, 2017