Second SRM sample prep

Readied last 25 peptide samples for mass spec

0) Labeled mini centrifuge tubes with second batch of samples, and reviewed calculated volumes of sample & Final Solvent to add to each: image

1) Borrowed one last 20ul aliquot of PRTC stock from Emma/Jenn - PRO TIP: order mass spec supples way in advance! 2) Added 30ul Final Solvent, vortexted, spun down 3) Pipetted 1.88ul diluted PRTC to centrifuge tubes 4) Pipetted designated volume of Final Solvent, as per my calculates 5) Got samples out of freezer, pipetted designated vol. into centrifuge tubes as per my calculations; vortexed, centrifuged lightly. 6) Transferred mass spec-ready mixtures to autosampler vials; instead of pipetting 15ul I used 14.7, since using 15ul consistently resulted in air bubbles. Despite this, I had to re-pipette samples 54 & 55. 7) Added these newly prepared samples to the sequence table, continuing the pattern of QC, blank, 5 samples, repeat. 8) Loaded the samples on to Tray 2 in the following order:

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
B G041 G066 G105 G032 G129 G054 G081 G003
C G074 G014 G049 G053 G104 G055 G042 G064
D G073 G057 G007 G070 G001 G071-B G062  
E GBlank OBlank            

9) Added 65ul Final Solvent to the blank vial; there should be ~130ul blank as of 5:30pm today.

Written on July 19, 2017