Choosing the right ones.

Geoduck sample selection for next round of MS/MS

This is what I have to work with:


Steven, Yaamini & I decided to focus on the DNR Trial #1 for the next round of sample extraction/protein analysis.

To narrow down my sample selection further, I see that the geoduck did not fare well at the Skokomish site’s bare treatment (likely due to predation), as only 2 specimens survived to be sampled, AND Micah said that the eelgrass bed @ that site was in a freshwater seep, and therefore the salinity was significantly different there. I am therefore not moving forward with the SK site

I will select 6 samples from each site/treatment for this next round, ~2 per enclosure. To do so, I used a random number generator to select 2 to 3 replicates from each enclosure.



The file with my list of selected samples is located in my DNR Repo

Written on May 20, 2017