Spring cleaning

Olys needed a good cleaning today.

They have been in their buckets for 1 week and the stringy stuff is back, and is present in all buckets. It is very prevalent in the 16 buckets on the bottom row, populations SN & NF (and not as prevalent on the top row):

img_7513 img_7512 img_7514

The bottom row banjos are also much dirtier than the top. Bottom shelf (NS & SN groups):


Top shelf (K & HL groups):


The degree of banjo dirtiness is likely due to differing flow rate, where it is faster on the bottom (thanks to Grace for measuring flow rates for me today!). The measurements = time (sec) to fill 50 mL.


I decided to give them the chlorine bath treatment, which is an hour-long freshwater/bleach bath that PSRF uses when they bring their Oly broodstock into the hatchery. I followed PSRF’s protocol, but made sure to warm the bath up to ~17.5 deg C, which is the temperature they have been held in for the past several days.



Rick lent me a heater for the header tank, which I will use to heat up the water to 18degC when PSRF reduces their heated line temp.


Today the heated line was set to 17degC. I decided to unplug the mixing valve and close the ambient line, so the animals are getting 100% heated line right now - temperature has been increasing by ~1degC from the header tank to the culture tanks, so I anticipate water temp to reach 18 with the current settings.


Written on May 9, 2017