My oysters are growing up

Screened all oysters up to 450um screen, counted set on 180um silos

I set my oysters on 224um microcultch, and hold them on 180um silos until they grow enough to hold on 450um, which should happen within a week or so. Until today I had a dual upwell/downwell system:

upwell/downwell system upwell/downwell system2

The last 224um larvae went into 180um setting tanks on 7/20, 3 weeks ago. Successful set should therefore all be at least 450um. Today I screened all 180um silos on to 450um, inspected under the microscope for seed, and moved them to the upwelled silos. I inspected a few of the <450 contents under the scope and found zero live seed. I also moved all SN growth experiment seed from mini-silos into their own 450um upwelled silo. Lots of oysters set on the sides of the silos. I counted these today. I also was able to pull a few off the silos and added them to the upwellers. I wasn’t able to get through all the silos, so I’ll do so on Saturday and will provide total # salvaged then. seed set on silo

Also counted the # set on side of SN growth exp silos (none salvaged): - 6-Ambient = 3
- 6-Low = 18
- 10-Ambient = 0
- 10-Low = 1

Written on August 9, 2017